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Re: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering in October


could someone from FRISK answer please?
Unless my help is not wanted ...

Philipp Huebner schrieb:
> I would like to join the developer gathering in October as well.
> o Your name
> Philipp Hübner
> from Erkelenz, Germany
> o Your travel expenses
> ~ 250 Euro
> o Which part of the gathering you are joining (conference,
> technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, facilitators)
> I'll definetely work on translation (new homepage) and help with the
> other things as I fit in.
> As an employee for credativ (supporter for Skolelinux in
> Rhineland-Palatinate) I have equipped 10 schools with Skolelinux in the
> past 6 months and can offer experience and feedback therefrom.
> o If you are joining us for dinner on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday
> I'll arrive late Thursday evening with Kurt Gramlich and maybe a few
> other Germans, so I'll join dinner on Friday and Saturday.
> Since I am a first time attendant I'm not familiar with the procedure:
> Do I have to book the hotel myself or will it be done for me? Are hotel
> accomodation costs covered? I rely on that, because I'm still doing
> apprenticeship and don't have any financial possibilties for this on my
> own.
> Please answer these questions and confirm the reimbursement.
> Could you please provide me with details how and when it will be done?
> I will then book the flight.
> Thanks a lot,

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