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Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering in October


I would like to join the developer gathering in October as well.

o Your name
Philipp Hübner
from Erkelenz, Germany

o Your travel expenses
~ 250 Euro

o Which part of the gathering you are joining (conference,
technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, facilitators)

I'll definetely work on translation (new homepage) and help with the
other things as I fit in.
As an employee for credativ (supporter for Skolelinux in
Rhineland-Palatinate) I have equipped 10 schools with Skolelinux in the
past 6 months and can offer experience and feedback therefrom.

o If you are joining us for dinner on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday
I'll arrive late Thursday evening with Kurt Gramlich and maybe a few
other Germans, so I'll join dinner on Friday and Saturday.

Since I am a first time attendant I'm not familiar with the procedure:

Do I have to book the hotel myself or will it be done for me? Are hotel
accomodation costs covered? I rely on that, because I'm still doing
apprenticeship and don't have any financial possibilties for this on my

Please answer these questions and confirm the reimbursement.
Could you please provide me with details how and when it will be done?
I will then book the flight.

Thanks a lot,
 .''`.   Philipp Hübner <debalance@debian.org>
: :'  :  pgp fp: BA61 0B0A 2626 D49C BFC6  1C18 1619 74E4 C259 E0E8
`. `'`   HP: http://debalance.funpic.de, Skype: philipp-huebner
  `-     ICQ: 235-524-440, Jabber: der_schakal@jabber.org

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