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Re: role of olpc/XO/sugar in debian-edu

Jonas Smedegaard schrieb:
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On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:06:36PM +0200, gerhard.oettl.ml@ogersoft.at wrote:
Jonas Smedegaard schrieb:
The software developed to run on XOs is called Sugar.
Is sugar not "only" the desktop?

Sugar is a desktop environment, yes. Underneeth it is a set of Python-centric libraries, below that DBus and GTK+, then X11 and at the bottom Linux and a bunch of more general tools and libraries.
Not really sure why you ask.  Hope the answer was of some use.

Yes, the answers were very helpfull to give an orientation.

The reason was to investigate the motivation behind some activities.
- The ongoing integration of the sugar desktop I had recognized allready.
- The reason for the XO-live-cd (which is not only sugar) was not so clear for me. May be skolelinux as server centric paradigm is searching a completition of the portfolio on the other side of the paradigm-bandwidth (live system)? After your answers I venture to say that this is not the case at the moment. Had it been the case I would have pushed LinuxAdvanced forward, because it has been proofed for some years in practical use for beeing an excellent solution and it is nearly 100% debian, with some own additiones. But it is not "visible" because there is no infrastructure in place (download and faq are, but not more). Creating a full public development environment (on sourceforge, osor.eu or something simular) is on the todolist for summer.

I get off-topic more and more...


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