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Re: overview about debian based education solutions

Am Tuesday 28 April 2009 10:10:15 schrieb gerhard.oettl.ml@ogersoft.at:
> Hello
> I am searching for an overview about (pure) debian based education
> solutions.
> What I know so far:
> - skolelinux (www.skolelinux.de)
> - extremadura solution (www.linex.org?) - see extra posting
> - lernstick (www.imedias.ch/lernstick) german only
> - linuxAdvanced (www.bg-kremszeile.ac.at/la) german only [1]
> I hope that here are people who have more and longer knowledge about this
> area and can give me some hints where to investigate further.
> The list does not have to be complete, but I hope I can find the most
> important ones. Are there central web-resources?
> best regards
> gerhard

Hi Gerhard,
not sure what 'pure' means for you exactly.
the sidux project  (debian sid based distribution, releases are free software 
only) is developing an educational distribution called seminarix
( http://www.seminarix.org/files/start.html )
We are preparing a release on DVD at the moment.
The releases on CD so far are german only, the DVD will also ship in english.


Ferdi Thommes
sidux e.V.

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