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trondheim meeting report


this is a very short summary of the workmeeting in Trondheim from my 
perspective. In short, I think it was a productive, useful and fun meeting, 
even though we were only four people. 

It was great to meet, get to know and work with Oded, Arnt Ove and Marius, and 
I'm happy about the stuff we as a group and me personally got done in the 48h 
we had. (Actually I left a bit before the others, so they had some more time 
available :)

Together with Oded (and Daniel, Jose Luiz, Steffen and Nicolas via IRC and 
John via mail) I worked on getting pdns getting its configuration out of 
LDAP, getting lwat support handling DHCP configuration in LDAP and fixing the 
garbled screen at the profile question.

Then we had some RL discussions about enhancing the desktop look and feel and 
other small, but visible enhancements.

I also had the time to file a RT ticket so that bugs.skolelinux.org hopefully 
soon will present sane defaults for people filing bugs. 

Plus I could see the upcoming new website, on which Arnt Ove and Marius were 
working on. Check out http://joomla.slx.no !

Thanks to Arnt Ove for his hospitality and to the Skolelinux foundation for 
making it possible!


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