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Re: powerdns check with debian edu.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 09:31:26PM +0200, Ronny Aasen wrote:
> Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
>> I have used successfully install powerdns with cd-lenny-dvd.
>> I use this howto:
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/LdapifyServices
>> Unfortunately ldap is broken in cd-lenny-test-dvd because the
>> ssl certificate of the ldapserver seams lost.    
> danielsan told me the reason may be that the ssl directory may not be  
> accessible to others. something like chmod o+x /etc/ldap/ssl might help  
> on that.
> danielsan: verify?

This was a problem with the very first Etch release and was shortly
fixed afterward. On new installs the directory permissions should be

I've just checked my test install from the amd64/i386/powerpc netinst cd
(20090413-09:23 for the record) where the key, the certificate and the
permissions of /etc/ldap/ssl are correct.

I suspect the DVD thing does something wrong with creating the
certificates, because some days (or weeks) when Patrick was reporting
that the certs are now valid for a longer time on irc, I had a two or
three days old test install with no keys and certs for LDAP. I do not
really recall if this install was from DVD or CD.

Maybe we should diff a DVD and a CD install to see if everything is like
it should.



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