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Re: powerdns check with debian edu.

Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:

I have used successfully install powerdns with cd-lenny-dvd.
I use this howto:

Unfortunately ldap is broken in cd-lenny-test-dvd because the
ssl certificate of the ldapserver seams lost.
danielsan told me the reason may be that the ssl directory may not be accessible to others. something like chmod o+x /etc/ldap/ssl might help on that.
danielsan: verify?
zone2ldap does not work for me. Have anyone produces a out put
and can share it with me?

it's broken in lenny. and we realy realy do need it, especialy to maintain a upgrade path. personaly i'm sticking with bind files untill

I have make the ldap entry's for my testing by hand if someone
need it I can put it in the wiki. But I am not totally clear that
my files are correct, they only work. I have seen one issue with ping, host, and nslookup. So may be you have better ldif files that I can compare.

any test files would be nice. In order to implement the "out of the box" configuration. I tried to work in it. But without a working zone2ldif i kinda lost my trac.


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