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RE: LTSP issues in Debian-Edu.

> Vagrant Cascadian: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 8:34 PM
>sorry i didn't respond sooner...
	Ahh, nothing lost.
>i'd like to come up with some way to get it to purge the LTSP 
>chroot only when happening from debian-installer.  from 
>debian-installer, we can make the assumption that it actually 
>isn't a working install yet.
>but when running outside of debian-installer, you might 
>obliterate a running, working LTSP setup by accidentally 
>running ltsp-build-client.

Fair enough,
it should probably be in a udeb then.

How about ltsp-client-builder?
seems to me the natural place for it, but out of my reach.

Should I file a bug for it against ltsp-client-builder,
or set it up myself in a debian-edu-*-udeb?
Do you suggest it be removed for the meantime?


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