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Re: Changes in code to create debian/control + tasks.desc file

[Andreas Tille]
>> These tasks are markers to know that the language was selected during
>> installation, and are used to make sure the education-lang-*-desktop
>> tasks have a task to enhance.  These tasks might also be used to
>                                              ^^^^^
> But they actually are not used to install anything.

For the languages where these tasks are empty, these are used to
trigger the enhancing tasks.

>> install non-desktop related packages when the languages are
>> selected, as is done with some languages - the command line spell
>> checking tools are installed.
> Is there any reason to not Recommend, Suggest or at least Ignore
> these spell checking tools for he, ja, zh_TW ?

I do not know the details for these langauges, and do not know the
answer to this question.  I guess that for some of them it might make
sense to do this.  I am not sure the way I did it for norwegian make
most sense.  Should the spell checking packages be installed on the
main-server?  I am not sure.

> But this description is just wrong.  The metapackage is not even
> created (Metapackage: false) neither does it depend from anything.

Yeah, the description is misleading.  I rewrote it a few days ago to
say 'subtask' instead of metapackage' for these tasks.

> Could you comment on this Test-always-lang field?  What is the
> actual meaning of this (I'm not so educated in tasksel stuff).  Is
> it possible that this test is done based on some installable
> packages we might add as Recommends?  If not I would rather try a
> hack and create tasksel entries in any case if Test-always-lang is
> set.  This should ensure the tasksel desc files for Debian Edu will
> not change - but I'd regard this kind of hackish.

The Test-* header make tasksel run a script
/usr/lib/tasksel/tests/always-lang to determine if the task should be
installed.  When I tested this, I discovered that I can not use both
Test-* and enhances in the same task.  I initially tried to use both
test and enhances in the same task, but failed to get it to work.
This is the reason I have one task education-lang-XX using test-* to
enable it when the given langauge is selected during instalation, and
education-lang-XX-desktop and education-lang-XX-desktop-kde enhancing
the relevant tasks.

>> Removing education-lang-he will break education-lang-he-desktop and
>> education-lang-he-desktop-kde, as they will claim to enhance a
>> non-existing task.
> If tasksel is that strict about Enhances this is really an issue.

I believe it is, yes.

> My suggestion would be to think about adding some existing packages.
> If this is really not possible for whatever reason I try a fix on my
> side.

I assume some languages do not have any packages to add to their
language task, so I suspect you need to change the code.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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