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Re: Most popular packages currently missing on the lenny-test DVD

Onsdag 8. april 2009, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
> Even if it is still true that Okular
> does not handle forms properly, it seems intended to do so, which
> means it is is not a design choice to leave it out but just bugs
> waiting to be fixed.

First Okular supports forms since version 0.7. Okular 0.7-2[1][2] and 
other selected KDE 4.1 applications was shipped with Debian Lenny, which 
also explains why added runtime libraries are installed when running a 
KDE 4 applications. 

2. http://okular.kde.org/news.php#itemOkular072released

Two PDF test document for a fixed and an unconfirmed forms bug[3][4] in 
Okular can be found here: 

3. http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=161327
4. http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=184489

There should be a minor task to re-run the attached document, confirming 
that forms in Okular works in Lenny. Anyone?

My KDE 4.2.2 install handled forms in Okular with print support. It 
seems to be no problem. Okular with forms works. But I have not put up a 
VirtualBox with Lenny to test the Okular 0.7-2 version. I'll do that 
tomorrow.  Also, if some others got a link to some more PDF's with 
forms, that would be nice :)

Best regards 

Knut Yrvin

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