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Re: Testing Lenny

Hi Valerio,

On Friday 26 December 2008, Valerio Pachera wrote:
> I tried again with the iso downloaded few minutes ago and it stops
> like before on the blue screen after building ltsp envirorment.
> Yes, I can switch to console using alt+FX.
> It asks to press enter to activate the console.

Switch to alt-f4 - it will show you syslog and the last action which 

> In this moment, I'm on the console I got during the installation
> process but it seems it doesn't show the filesystem of debian edu.
> There's no boot directory...

did you check in /target?

> Suggestion?
> I will not turn off the computer and the virtual machine till this evening.

Right now I guess syslog might be garbled due to your manual actions, so you 
might need to reinstall to get usuful info there. Or you can look 
in /var/log/syslog directly :)


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