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Re: How to work this around?

[Christian Perrier]
> In my opinion, the only way to work around this bug is by shortening
> down the wording of the debconf template *drastically*
> The English screenshot posted in the bug report shows there is room
> for improvement, imho.

Proposals are most welcome.  The current text is the short version of
the short version of the original text, so it has already been
compressed quite a bit.  The goal of the text is to provide enought
information for new users to make an informed choice and not having to
consult the documentation to understand what to select.

> And, yes, that will require translation updates..:-(

Yeah.  It will involve getting a lot of people to transalte in time
for a new release. :(

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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