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Re: Testing Lenny

2008/12/24 Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>:
>> The installation process went fine till the packages selection. I
>> selected two more packages more than the default (games and music), it
>> stared to install them and seem that, at the end of the installation I
>> get simply a blue screen without anything and I can't end the
>> installation.
> could you switch to alt+f3 or alt+f4?

I tried again with the iso downloaded few minutes ago and it stops
like before on the blue screen after building ltsp envirorment.
Yes, I can switch to console using alt+FX.
It asks to press enter to activate the console.

In the previous installation I booted from systemrescuecd (a live cd)
and chroot into debian edu.
I made aptitude upgrade and it did it succesfully (was complaining
about LC_ALL and other locale variables only).
I was trying to setup grub but there were no stages in the /boot/grub
directory even tough it was installed.
grub-install /dev/hda2 was not working.
The same using "grub" only.

In this moment, I'm on the console I got during the installation
process but it seems it doesn't show the filesystem of debian edu.
There's no boot directory...

I will not turn off the computer and the virtual machine till this evening.


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