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Re: access samba from another linux

Thanks for the reply Jurgen,

> So it would be nice to have the following informations:
> From the server the file /etc/samba/smb.conf
not now - I am at home now. It is modified to have a shared folder in
home0 rw by anyone, and to have another in home0/staff/ rw to members of
the teachers group, with GID set.
> Are the laptops registered as machines in lwat?
> With which username do you authentify for accessing the server?
> Is that the same username you are logged in on the laptop?
No. The laptops have their own login accounts unrelated to the skolelinux 
> Is that a username registered with lwat on the server?
When the samba browse authentication dialogue pops up I enter user name
and pw of someone from lwat.
> In which groups is that username?
so far I'm testing with teachers.
>> But even worse is that access permissions are
>> not respected from ubuntu. A user can enter another persons home and
delete files.
> So please tell us, where can you delete files in other persons homes? On
>the server accessing the files from a laptop or on the dell mini
On tjener. I accessed another teacher's home using my own credentials,
from the ubuntu laptop. From a thin client it is read only to me. From
ubuntu I deleted one of his files today.Then I repeated with another
> Can you give a step by step scenario describing the deletion of files in
>an other persons home directory?
on ubuntu do places/network and click through to tjener. choose
go/location and type the login of another teacher in the address bar. I
enter my own username and pw for skolelinux in the authentication
dialogue. I have write access to the other teacher's home. I normally work
at a thin client. From there other teachers' homes are ro to me.

> You let the parents buy computers/laptops for use in school?
> Cool Idea! :-)

My idea is that they look after their own computer better than they do the
school's. Many of the older kids have their own computer, though they
don't bring them every day. I am hoping if they get netbooks they might
bring them more often, leaving the school laptops more available for the
primary classes.

I suppose you are saying my smb.conf must be screwed. I am glad if it is
that and not something coming from ubuntu.

What about open office not opening files over samba? I browse to my home
on tjener as described above. I double click a file. The OOo splash comes
on, then disappears and nothing happens. Yet on another ubuntu machine it
works, after asking for my password again  (in a different dialogue -
perhaps an OOo dialogue).

thanks again


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