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access samba from another linux

Dear All,

I have been observing some irregular samba behaviour that I hope you can
advise me on.
When Tjener is accessed from Windows, it seems everything works as
expected. However, from non-debianedu linux it isn't.
I have two laptops running plain lenny. One can access tjener well via
network browsing, but the other refuses to open documents for editing.
Open office just pretends to be opening and then disappears.
I have two laptops running ubuntu 8.04. Again the situation above - one
works one doesn't. But even worse is that access permissions are not
respected from ubuntu. A user can enter another persons home and delete
Since I was about to recommend the dell mini with ubuntu* to parents
wanting to buy their kids a computer for xmas, this is suddenly important
to me!
My tjener is etch and up to date.

* this is the only mini laptop available with linux in japan - all others
are japanese windows only.

excuse the long message


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