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Re: access samba from another linux

Am Samstag 06 Dezember 2008 schrieb nigel barker:
> I have been observing some irregular samba behaviour that I hope you
> can advise me on.

Dear Nigel,

just some short remarks:

as you use samba, samba rights will be used.
if you give anybody write access to .../home0 it is clear that anybody 
can delete files there. You should try if this is also the case from 
windows clients (using samba). I doubt it is a distro issue.

As for Openoffice, you should know that KDE uses its own services (like 
media:// or smb://) that are not known by GTK apps like Mozilla or OOo.
You should do a real smb-mount so you can access your samba share from 
any shell (using something like "ls /mnt/samba/home/").

Then there are still cases where OOo doesn't open remote files because 
of encoding issues. In such cases you should try to rename the file to 
english-only (ASCII printable) letters w/o spaces or anything. 

Possibly it's a mixture of both obsticals. So first try "ls $PATH/$FILE" 
and then "oowriter $PATH/$FILE". Try to put everything in quotes, like:

	$ oowriter "/mnt/samba/myhome/file with some name.odt"


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