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Re: Some notes on multimedia support in iceweasel

El dom, 20-07-2008 a las 20:54 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> [José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> > Maybe these sites are unknown to mplayerplug-in upstream developers,
> > have you tried to contact with them?
> Could be.  I have only gotten as far as reporting the issue to Debian
> BTS.  I have not tried to reach upstream about it.  Anyone already in
> contact with them?
> > I'd prefer mozilla-mplayer because:
> > - It's the option we have used in the past in LinEx ;-)
> Do you have any special configuration?  Does it work through the
> proxy?

We use a transparent proxy, and works perfectly through it (the iptables
rules used in the proxy redirect to the real gateway all the traffic
except the traffic to the port 80 that is redirected to squid. So for
ports different than 80, we're not really using a proxy.

> > - In the past it has worked pretty well with most web sites
> Do you have more test sites?

Only spanish portals and some international well known sites that I
guess you've already tested. 

> > - mozilla-mplayer uses to fix the bugs and addapt to new js
> > launchers pretty fast
> Good.
> > - kaffeine is very kde dependant, what's not a good idea (in terms
> > of memory and startup time) for other desktop users
> We could switch the kaffine-mozilla plugin to start vlc instead.  It
> seem to work equally well. :) All that is needed is a change in the
> 'exec' call.  Neither work with the filmarkivet.no site, though.
> Kaffeine do not support H264, and vlc do not support the SMIL play
> list used.  :(

mmm, vlc didn't work very well in the past, for gtk based desktops I
think totem-mozilla is a much better option. In my last tests I used it
for a time and worked "almost" as well as mplayer-plugin, it worked in
most web pages, but I switched back to mplayer-plugin because
totem-plugin used to hide the reproduction controls and I don't like
that behaviour (even if the javascript of the page says they should be
hidden I like to have the option to show them as mplayer-plugin does)

> > - mplayer is, by far, the less resources eater of all the players
> > I've tested. In low profile machines it uses to render with better
> > quality and faster than other players.
> Interesting to know.  Which players have you tested?

xine, vlc, mplayer & totem. xine & totem had the same engine, but when
switching totem to gstreamer the perfomance was very similar. Vlc had
also a very good perfomance, similar to mplayer, but the quality of the
rendered video was worst. Anyway, I'm writting this email being offline
and trusting in my memory, which is not my best quality, so put take
this email just as an opinion that might be put in quarantine.

José L.

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