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Please use proper task names in debian-edu tasks files


as you can see on the tasks pages some overlongish tasks names disturb
the output in the left menu.  I do not know whether these names are
used anywhere else.  But in any case the recently added names are
no real "names".  Please have a look at:

$ grep --no-filename "^Task:"  tasks/*
Task: Astronomy
Task: Chemistry
Task: Common
Task: Gnome
Task: KDE
Task: Desktop-other
Task: Sugar
Task: Development
Task: Electronics
Task: Geography
Task: Graphics
Task: Desktop for Norwegian Bokmål installs
Task: lang-nb-desktop-kde
Task: Desktop for Norwegian Nynorsk installs
Task: lang-nn-desktop-kde
Task: Language
Task: Laptop
Task: Logic-games
Task: Main-server
Task: Mathematics
Task: Misc
Task: Music
Task: Networked
Task: Physics
Task: Services
Task: Standalone
Task: Thin-client-server
Task: Workstation

Please fix the task names of lang-n[nb]-* tasks files!

Kind reards



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