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Re: Sugar on debian

Hi David,

On Wednesday 16 July 2008 18:49, David Farning wrote:
> Petter, Would you mind puting a quick how install 'debian-edu-expert' on
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Community/Distributions/Debian .

Rather not yet. The sugar profile in Debian Edu is not working at all atm.

That said, our usual installation document describes how to install in expert 
mode, but is not available for Lenny atm. It will be very soon.

The old one for  etch is available at: 
(For lenny you just need to replace "etch" with "lenny" on that page, 
basically :)

I'll will send an update on what is not working exactly and how to make it 
work tomorrow or on friday. (Assuming the fever I'm catching right now will 
go away or rather not arrive fully.)

> We are trying to consolidate the information on how to get Sugar in a
> central location.

In Debian lenny: aptitude install sugar


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