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Sugar on debian

Hey all,

I am wonder what the interest level is in make a DebianEdu version that
is based on the Sugar desktop.

As you may have heard< OLPC is in the process of spinning off Sugar
development to Sugar Labs.

In addition to developing Sugar for OLPC we making Sugar more available
to mainstream distributions.  Jonas, has been doing a great job
packaging Sugar. As a result of his feed back, we are working to create
better communication channels with distribution as well as make tar ball
more available.

We are going to continue using sugar@laptop.org as our main development
list until the traffic get high enough to warrant a split.  The
difference will more cultural as we recognize the importance of the
community in improving and spreading sugar.

I has subscribed to this list to better understand your project.  Please
feel free to ask general sugar questions here.   Technical question are
better handled at sugar@laptop.org.


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