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Re: Educational Desktop Design: e.g. Linpus

El dom, 13-07-2008 a las 15:38 +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Sun, 13 Jul 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Do you mean that you would like a "Start this application" button added
> > to the GoPlay! application browser (and its variations too in recent
> > incarnations, like GoLearn!, GoAdmin!, GoOffice! and others)?
> I think there is one problem inbetween which might block this function:
> There is no guarantee that the program in question is installed and you
> can not know whether the user has the right permissions to install the
> package.
> If sudo is configured properly goWhatever! could perhaps learn from
> auto-apt.  For those who never heard about auto-apt: This is a quite
> cool thing if you are at a booth on some exhibitions a user drops in
> and wants to know whether Debian has program X.  Assumed you just did
>       sudo auto-apt update
> you can open an auto-apt shell
>       auto-apt -x -y
> and the just call the program in question.  If the program is not
> yet installed auto-apt searches the list of all executables in the
> Debian pool and if it finds X it installs the package including the
> dependencies and then starts the program.  I did so on a booth and
> the user was not able to close his mouth until the program was fired
> up in pure astonishment what is possible in Debian. ;-)
> So back to the topic: There is some technique available to install and
> fire up a not yet installed programm which might be a needed feature
> for you plan.
> On the other hand I would reall like to see the screenshot feature
> of goWhatever! in synaptic or other graphical installers.  As Ralf
> wrote on debian-devel [1] this would require a repository of screenshots.
> I also would immediately include this into the tasks web pages.
> It seems that this is like always: It's a good idea, we just need
> somebody who implements it ...

That's something I talked some time ago with Enrico Zini, Holger and
Miriam Ruiz: joining debtags
(http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/ssearch.html ), the repository of
screenshots and aptlinex you'd have it all. When we talked about it, it
was not possible as aptlinex depends on gambas and gambas was only
available in i386. Nowadays that limitation has disappeared...

José L.

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