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Re: Educational Desktop Design: e.g. Linpus

Am Samstag 12 Juli 2008 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> >BTW: does goPlay imply the option to launch installed apps?
> >This could be a real option for beginners...
> Sorry, I don't understand above sentence - could you please rephrase?

Okay, sorry for being too brief.

Imagine goLearn (sic!) running. Imagine you open the information 
for "gcompris" (screenshot, info text). Now, are there plans to enable 
the user to run gcompris (the currently active application in goLearn) 
right from goLearn (if installed that is)? 

This way, goLearn (or its succeeder) could replace the K-Menu and become 
a central element of our educational desktop.

Hopefully, this was comprehensive.

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