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Re: Problem with new install

> Thanks for your input.
> I did a fresh install using only the server and thin-client server
> profiles.
> Everything works now :)
> There are a number of unanswered questions, but the most pressing one
> is: how hoes the server do DNS? (again, excuse my lack of knowledge) I
> have at no step indicated the address of my ISP's DNS server.
> Will i need to change anything if i move the server to a new location
> (from:basement, to:school) and a new ISP?
> Thanks, :)
> Frederik

the server also provides DNS, as long as it can reach the internet thru
a firewall/router on  so the dns server for all devices in your
network is, and this will be set automatically thru dhcp

no you should not need to change anything, but it do depend on your
given situation. changing the ip system to fit a exsisting network is
not a simple task. as long as your isp router can be you
should be all set.


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