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debian-edu-doc for lenny and etch


I've just uploaded a new version of debian-edu-doc (to Debian sid and to 
Debian Edu etch-test), which now contains a French translation, plus it has 
been split into various debian-edu-doc-(en|de|nb|es|it|fr) packages, plus a 
debian-edu-doc metapackage, which depends on all of them, and which can be 
removed after the upgrade to lenny. (See below for translation status.)

So far so good and easy.

Then I want to take the pages from 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Etch/ and copy and paste them 
into http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Lenny/ and replace 
(almost) all occurances of etch with lenny.

Now I wonder, should I include both versions in further uploads to sid (and 
our lenny-test), or only the lenny version? I plan to continue maintaining a 
etch version for our etch(-test) repository, but I think for Debian lenny and 
sid this is not useful. What do you think?

I believe the burdon is mainly on the translators. The migration from the etch 
version to the lenny version should be handled well by po4a (some strings 
will become fuzzy, but initially it's the same document), thats not the 
issue. The issue is, maintaining (as in further translating) two versions of 
the document...

I'm curious on your thoughts and feedback.


This is the current translation status:

release-manual.de.po: 582 translated messages, 119 fuzzy translations, 85 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.es.po: 118 translated messages, 162 fuzzy translations, 506 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.fr.po: 512 translated messages, 193 fuzzy translations, 81 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.it.po: 667 translated messages, 116 fuzzy translations, 3 
untranslated messages.
release-manual.nb.po: 570 translated messages, 127 fuzzy translations, 89 
untranslated messages.

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