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Re: running testsuite takes long


On Tuesday 24 June 2008 17:50, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> OK.  I thought the sugar profile should be an alternative to the
> normal desktop, and thus be suited for normal PCs.  Because of this, I
> added education-common to the sugar task.  It would make sure
> readahead and a few other tools were installed by default.

I'll need to keep an eye on this one. Various software used on a typical olpc 
installation is not packaged for debian yet and the sugar software that is, 
is a development release. Maybe it's more sensible to remove this profile for 
the release.. we'll see.

> >> To detect bugs in the installation system.  It should be disabled
> >> in the production version, but for test installation it is very
> >> useful to detect bugs in our configurations.
> > How do we make sure this will happen? :)
> I do not know.  This is why it is still done in the Etch based
> release. :)

I've added a test, grepping for "-test" in sources.list. Only if this is true, 
the testsuite is run :-)


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