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Re: Project idea for developer - check and clean up the default menu

Torsdag 29 mai 2008 20:40, skrev Bjarne Nielsen:
> Imho it should be possible to edit the actual menu showing on users  
> desktop through kiosktool (kmenuedit). Kiosktool is a good graphical
> tool   to make different changes to the desktop. You could easily
> create different menus and desktops for different groups e.g. one for
> 1-3rd grade, and another for 4-7th and so on. Today this works only
> partly, because of the not working kmenuedit.
> Bjarne Nielsen

There is a kiosktool version in skolelinux etch-test that has a fix for 
this (I think the thanks goes to Alf Tonny and Holger). 

Several patches for this bug has been floating around, but now it's 
available as deb-package instalable using aptitude.

Klaus Ade
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