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Re: custom install

Am Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2008 05:38:17 schrieb nigel barker:
> Dear List,
> I have a few amateur questions.
> 1. Is it possible (I mean easy) to install plain debian, then convert to
> debian edu? How?

Dear Nigel,

there is a howto on how to bind *buntu-stations to tjener. Same procedure is 
possible for Debian clients....
> ...
> 3. (How) can a workstation user access the local harddrive, eg. for
> storing photos and videos that I don't want on tjener?

Same as USB-Stick: Make a data partition (say /dev/hda6) and add it to fstab 
(also possible during installation). Mount it to a sensible mount point 
(like /data or /localdrive or /media/localdisk). 

If you use a FAT file system (don't) there won't be any user specific rights.
With a ext3 fs, you could make it basically world rw-able, but any user was 
able to create directories that are opaque to others.
> thanks
> nigel

Does this help?

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