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Re: Best way to install Java JAR files (java packaging)

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On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 08:29:19PM +0200, RalfGesellensetter wrote:

>nowadays there are dozens of free java applications that are valuable 
>for education.

>I feel that (especially for GPLed JAR files) these steps should be made 
>easier. As far as I know you will need the source files in order to 
>create propper Debian packages.

Debian Free Software Guideline (DFSG) mandates source.

Did you just mean free as in beer?  Or free as defined by Ubuntu, or...?

>But there are also more technical/assisting install-packages (e.g. 
>googleearth-package) that only take the binary (JAR file here) from the 
>web and generate a DEB installation wrapper.

Please beware that googleearth-package is packaged by Debian but only in 
the non-free section, not as part of the official Debian distribution.  
Exactly because it does not satisfy the DFSG.

I do agree that such packaging is a convenient way to install and 
maintain non-free additions to a Debian system.  But also, if your aim 
of Debian-edu is to get included into Debian it is an important detail.

>Any suggestions here?

Do all that you can to make the software properly packaged officially 
for Debian:

File "Request for Packaging" (RFP) wishlist bugreports against the 
Debian pseudo-package WNPP for the software you believe should (and 
could) be part of Debian but isn't yet.

Then when you discuss here or with Debian developers that you want to 
convince doing the actual packaging work, refer to the numbers of those 
RFP bugreports.

You can also use usertags on the bugreport system to track which of the 
many many RFPs are relevant for Debian-edu (you are already use 
usertags, I just don't know if you are tracking RFPs too yet).

>How can we support teachers/admins who like to have an easy way to 
>rollout free educational jar files?

See above :-)

Custom manual non-packaging hacks really isn't "easy way" for 

  - Jonas

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