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Re: Integration of Mac OS X clients


On Saturday 29 March 2008 12:20, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> I need to ask for further details on that, but as I got it, MAC OS X
> clients connect by both protocols, samba and NFS

I guess someone knowing OSX needs to fix this...

> P.S.: Of course I am aware that the prefered way to go is to install Debian
> on those Mac clients. Is this BTW possible in a dual boot setup to keep the
> MacOSX?

Yes. The default bootloader for (newworld) powerpc is yaboot and yaboot allows 
to dualboot OSX and Linux. (It can also tripleboot with OS9.) It's also setup 
automatically if you install Debian (Edu) and will detect a OSX installation. 
(OS9 as well, but who cares? :)

For Lenny it looks like grub2 will be another option for powerpc, but I havent 
tested it yet.


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