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Integration of Mac OS X clients

Dear list,

my personal experience with Mac OS is next to zero.
However I was told by a Debian-friendly colleague who administrates several 
computer labs with MAC OS X clients that his intend to use Debian Edu as main 
server was prevented by the individual location of home direcories on tjener.

I need to ask for further details on that, but as I got it, MAC OS X clients 
connect by both protocols, samba and NFS, and this resulted in a problem 
because paths of home directories were not consistent to standard 
installations (/home/$USER). 

As I consider a possible migration of the mentioned school to Debian Edu to be 
a great mile stone, it would be nice to find a howto for the integration of 
MAC OS X clients to Skolelinux somewhere. Any URLs?


P.S.: Of course I am aware that the prefered way to go is to install Debian on 
those Mac clients. Is this BTW possible in a dual boot setup to keep the 

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