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Re: Future development of debian-edu packages (Was: Processing of debian-edu_0.828_i386.changes)


not sure if this already has been answered/addressed...

On Tuesday 11 March 2008 12:08, Andreas Tille wrote:
>   1. Lintian:
>      $ lintian -i  education-desktop-other_0.828_i386.deb
>      E: education-desktop-other: depends-on-x-metapackage recommends: xorg
>      N:
>      N:   Packages that are not themselves metapackages must not depend on
> X N:   Window System metapackages.
>      N:
>      N:   The metapackages xorg, xorg-dev, x-window-system,
> x-window-system-dev, N:   and x-window-system-core exist only for the
> benefit of users and N:   dependencies for other metapackages and should
> not be used in regular N:   package dependencies.
>      N:
>      --> Whoever inserted this dependency should fix this.

I dont see a problem. education-desktop-other is a metapackage and thus can 
depend on the xorg metapackages. IMO a lintian overwrite is in order.

> Congratulations - you reached the end of this mail.  I would be
> really happy if I would not have consumed all your spare time and
> you are able to comment on this. :)

I havent commented on #3 and #4 - but I assume there are still questions left. 
I'd suggest we hold a session in Extremadura early (ie on day one) to discuss 
this ?!


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