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Re: OLPC and Tjener

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On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 06:53:34PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
>I think you got my "feelings" a bit wrong:


Thanks for clarifying.

>You're right that I'm not that experienced with git that I'm 
>comfortable with it, but I'd *love* to learn and use it more!

I am still eager to meet with you in Hamburg, if you like to meet up!

Unfortunately my offer to host you at my place has expired: I no longer 
live at that place. In fact, I don't really live anywhere currently 
(have done that before - at one time I was without a proper home for 2 
years! - but this time I have a girlfriend and she has 2 children, so 
quite a bit more challenging...). We have a place to sleep, and 
hopefully a new home in 3 weeks from now - but uncertain for 2 1/2 weeks 

>As they are still in NEW, do you have downloadable sources and binaries 
>somewhere accessable?

Sure - sorry for not mentioning it before:

deb http://debian.jones.dk/ sid sugar

Beware that only amd64 contains all of the new packages, and even there 
a few of them is still the old sideported packages from jani@ubuntu.com. 
On i386 most of the packages are those from Jani.

Also, dependencies are missing - you need to manually include them all.

Personally, I have only gotten as far as typing in my name when running 
sugar-emulator. When I hit enter it segfaults...

Please report back your experiences with the packages. Do it here for 
now - earlier tonight I was granted access to the debian-olpc team, but 
have not yet subscribed to their mailinglist...

  - Jonas

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