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Re: OLPC and Tjener

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On Sat, Mar 08, 2008 at 12:46:39PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
>thanks & cheers for uploading sugar to Debian!

Yeah - I worked hard last night. Not finished at all, some core packages 
are still missing, and all the fun ones too. But I decided to upload now 
to not be blocked by the upcoming soft-freeze.

Thanks for pushing me.

We talked about the packaging method back in the fall. I use CDBS and 
Git, which you don't feel comfortable with. I really do want to convince 
you, and have tried hard to make these packages a showcase of the 
niceties of those tools - so please take a look at README.packaging in 
the source and see if you can follow. Do the first steps of pulling the 
source from Git, and then read the README.packaging from there - I did 
some improvements today too, about tracking both upstream tarballs and 
upstream Git development concurrently, which I find übergejl ;-) .

I decided to join the OLPC team at Alioth. Next upload will be with that 
group as official Maintainer, and myself as uploader. Let's see how that 

You proposed to alternatively use the debian-edu team. I generally favor 
many teams with narrow focus over large teams with broad focus: It is 
much easier to subsvribe to multiple teams than it is to avoid the 
"noise" of only interested in parts of what a large team works on.

I recommend that debian-edu concentrates on the specific tasks of 
rolling out a CDD + working as an umbrella for the myriad of other teams 
that is important for debian-edu but makes sense to work on also without 
"the whole shebang" of debian-edu:

 * Join debian-custom for work on the roll-out system
 * Join debian-olpc for packaging OLPC
 * Join debian-desktop for smoothing the desktop experience
 * Join debian-doc for work on the debian-edu manual infrastructure
 * Join debian-multimedia for issues with sound on thin clients
 * Join debian-printing for printer accounting
 * Join debian-webapps for packaging web-based apps
 * Join debian-i18n for translation infrastructure
 * Join debian-publicity for promoting debian-edu

...and share the _results_ relevant for debian-edu from those other 
teams here.

Sorry if I am too thick-headed and this is already happening.


  - Jonas

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