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Well we have tryed the kiosktool that followed the skolelinux, and
found out that there is some issue when it comes to editing the menu,
That dont work at all.

So we tryed to purge remove the kiosktool installation, and the
kmenuedit installations, and reinstall it, but with the same ressault.

So we tryed out a bit more ugly solutions, we put the kubuntu sourse
in the apt sours list, and installed the kiosktool and kmenuedit from
the kubuntu. And Voilah!! the menuedit worked like a charm..

So what have kubuntu done right? i think it would been more presieted
that we found a bit bether solution to this problem then what we did,
maybe upgrade the kiosktool that exist on debian packages?..;)

regards Alf Tonny Bätz

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