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Re: Kiosktool

Hi Alf,

On Monday 10 March 2008 20:30, Alf Tonny Bätz wrote:
> Well we have tryed the kiosktool that followed the skolelinux, and
> found out that there is some issue when it comes to editing the menu,
> That dont work at all.
> So we tryed to purge remove the kiosktool installation, and the
> kmenuedit installations, and reinstall it, but with the same ressault.
> So we tryed out a bit more ugly solutions, we put the kubuntu sourse
> in the apt sours list, and installed the kiosktool and kmenuedit from
> the kubuntu. And Voilah!! the menuedit worked like a charm..

Which version of kubuntu were you using? 

http://packages.ubuntu.com/kiosktool has quite the same version everywhere, 
http://packages.ubuntu.com/kmenuedit not.


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