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Re: How important is "Architecture: any" (Was: Downloads things, ...)

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:

It's not the only one that package has... (and we have our lenny(-test) for
development anyway.)

Well, "we have our" sounds that I do not belong to this "we" because
I don't know anything serious about this lenny-test. :)

Alternativly you could also fix that RC bug now

This would be my prefered strategy.

and open a new, important, one
about the other architectures being slightly wrong.

Well, in how far it is _important_?  What is actually broken?
I also would only open such a bug if there is a _known_ case of a
certain package that is recommended but not existant for this
architecture.  As long as I do not have this information the
only problem I see is some kind of:

   cdd-dev: might produce recommends that are not available on certain archs
   severity : minor

As long as debian-edu is the static source file it will be
according to the request of the reporter of the bug in question
there is nothing wrong in debian-edu except you find such a
case which might potentionally happen.

Kind regards


PS: Perhaps we should meet in IRC with Petter and Jose (and whoever
    might like to join to find a reasonable agreement for this
    topic.  I would suggest today evening 21:00 UTC in #debian-edu.


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