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Re: diskless workstations - print - nfs mount

jacob maier wrote:
Hi Everyone
I am trying to deploy a lab of 25 diskless work stations.
I have encounter 2 problem that are stopping me from cutting over from k12ltsp. 1) Printing I am not sure how to run cups with out the web interface and a read only file system.
         OR put another way how do I configure printer using Chroot
I am a bit suprised from this. I am running diskless machines. And my machines automagicaly learns all printers installed on the print server cups on tjener.

Generally what i do is.
1: put mac of printer into dhcpd.conf on tjener, for example under printer00
2: add printer using cups web admin page on tjener
3: boot a diskless client, and print. it have knowledge of all printers on tjener. 4: [optional] in order to have printers available for windows machines a restart of samba on tjener is needed.

2) As I said I am switching from an LTSP environment. In that environment I had a directory called school for the students hand in work and for common resource such as clipart. I want to simulate this but can not figure out how to get the NFS partition mounted at workstation boot time.I have tried various forms of the share.

In order to avoid obvious hacks, like editing /etc/fstab inside the chroot. Debian edu use autofs with mount information stored in ldap in order to automaticaly mount /skole/tjener/home0. You can use the tool lwat ( http://www/lwat ), in order to add a new mountpoint.

a good starting point is http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Etch/GettingStarted

Kind regards
Ronny Aasen

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