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Feedback on your xterminator package

Hi.  I was tipped about your xterminator package in Ubuntu, available
I maintain the killer package in Debian, with a similar but not
identical scope as your package.

I had a look at the packaging of xterminator, and found some issues
you might want to fix.

 - The control file say 'architecture: any' while the package is
   platform independent and thus should be 'architecture: all'.

 - The debian/ directory is full of example files.  All of them should
   be removed.  (rm debian/*.ex debian/*.EX).

 - The copyright file is not complete and need an update.  Upstream
   download site, author, copyright and license is missing.

 - The debian/README.Debian file do not contain any info and can be

 - The version number 0.1-4 indicate a non-native package, but no
   xterminator_0.1.orig.tar.gz file is present in the archive.  If the
   package is supposed to be a native package, the version number
   should be changed to 0.1 (or perhaps 0.4 in this case).

 - All the dh_* example lines in debian/rules that are currently
   commented out should be removed to make the file easier to read and

 - Is the script still killing processes on logout?  The control file
   indicated it, but the changelog mentioned a bug causing this
   feature to be removed.  Which is correct?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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