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diskless workstations - print - nfs mount

Hi Everyone
I am trying to deploy a lab of 25 diskless work stations.
I have encounter 2 problem that are stopping me from cutting over from k12ltsp. 1) Printing I am not sure how to run cups with out the web interface and a read only file system.
         OR put another way how do I configure printer using Chroot
2) As I said I am switching from an LTSP environment. In that environment I had a directory called school for the students hand in work and for common resource such as clipart. I want to simulate this but can not figure out how to get the NFS partition mounted at workstation boot time.I have tried various forms of the share.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rejoice in the Lord Always.

Jacob Maier

International Christian School -- PyongTaek
367-3 Shindae dong Pyongtak, 450-820 Republic of Korea Phone: 82-31-651-1376 Fax: 82-21-653-1375

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