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(N)X2Go - LowBandwith sessions for takeaway incl. sound

Dear list,

during Linuxtag 2007 in Berlin, I attended a presentation of X2Go.
I reported earlier here about this solution that was deviced for a 
community using Thin clients with LTSP. Officers can take home their 
open X session on a USB dongle - in a secure partition they store some 
key that enables resumption of a running (N)X session. As I learned, 
everything is included (even LDAP authentification), and there is deep 
interest in cooperation with Debian-Edu.

For those of you who have time and interest to check out a live CD ISO 
image for testing, here is some new information:

> Heinz <heinz-m AT web.de> wrote Jan 31
> ... meanwhile we did soume homework: x2go is ready for lenny.
> x2goclient works now also for several Ubuntu versions. 
> Our LiveCD will soon be released (together with the mac osx
> client, preview: http://www.h1.org/~h1/upload/knoppix.iso).
> The PXE bootimage is now in the repository and some further
> things have changed. In case there is still interest, I am 
> ready to present X2Go to members of the Skolelinux team.

> Heinz added Feb 5:
> The ISO image is now available at 
> http://x2go.obviously-nice.de/download/knoppix.iso
> The new documentation should be published this week. 

Please give feedback here - and to Heinz (one of the main developers of 
the project) after testing.


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