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Re: via thin client pxe fails after upgrade

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Am Mittwoch 29 August 2007 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
i had some 3com cards that acted that way. the solution was to
firmware upgrade the card..

Hi Nigel, Ronny,

as I mentioned on IRC today (and some weeks ago as well), I also have some 3COM 905CX cards that boot with old LTSP / PXE 2.43 but with current PXE 3.31 (LTSP on Skolelinux 3.0) they fail.

I get an IP, then pxe files are loaded. In the end, I read "Ready" - and that was it. What was your solution, Nigel? I can check for firmware updates, anyway, however I think they are quire new.
Hi Ralf

My problem was Bios, as Ronny suggested. With his lead I tracked down some other people with the same problem. However, since my clients are diskless, I had to use USB to flash the Bios and I couldn't get it to work after a couple of hours struggle. Then I discovered that if I cut power to the clients, press the power button, then restore power, they boot! Originally I thought I had to reset the cmos, so I was overjoyed when I discovered this 'easy' fix. So my nightly routine is switch off the power socket and walk round pressing all the power buttons! My clients didn't get as far as yours though - no LAN at all.


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