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Re: via thin client pxe fails after upgrade

Am Mittwoch 29 August 2007 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
> i had some 3com cards that acted that way. the solution was to
> firmware upgrade the card..

Hi Nigel, Ronny,

as I mentioned on IRC today (and some weeks ago as well), I also have 
some 3COM 905CX cards that boot with old LTSP / PXE 2.43 but with 
current PXE 3.31 (LTSP on Skolelinux 3.0) they fail.

I get an IP, then pxe files are loaded. In the end, I read "Ready" - and 
that was it. What was your solution, Nigel? I can check for firmware 
updates, anyway, however I think they are quire new.


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