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make bind9 preseedable

I'm one of the Debian-Edu Developers and we have a very longstanding bug 
(#311188) which I would like to solve somehow. 

One problem is here that we modify during installation, one of your 
configuration files (/etc/default/bind9) in order to start the bind daemon 
with other arguments.

Would it be possible for you to include a patch from me in order to make 
this preseedable?

This patch would include one debconf question (low prio)
 - Which options to you want to pass to the bind9 daemon ? 
Since this is a low prio questions you'll see this not on a normal 
installation so a sane default value would be needed. (I would suggest 
using the values which is set atm).

Then /etc/default/bind9 is created in postinst and is preseedable for 
custom debian distributions, 

If you answer yes we'll work out a patch so that you have only to review 
and apply it.

Thanks in advance

Patrick Winnertz

 .''`.   Patrick Winnertz <winnie@debian.org>
:  :' :  GNU/Linux Debian Developer
`. `'`   http://www.der-winnie.de http://d.skolelinux.org/~winnie
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing systems

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