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work on bug #311188

Hey guys.
I've worked these days on the bug #311188 (debian-edu-config).. There is 
some progress and some work to do:

 I've contacted the syslog-ng maintainer since the maintainer of sysklogd 
(which we use atm) doesn't want us to help. 
The syslog-ng maintainer states that he will a patch to enable preseeding 
if the user don't get annyoing messages of changed configuration files on 
upgrade.  I'm working atm on a fix.

I've also contacted the maintainers of openldap2 and it seems that they 
will also include a fix by us in order to enable preseeding for those 
values which we need. (Bug #370343 )
Is there anybody who want's to wrote that patch? I write my exams in 4 
weeks. :S 

Furthermore I contacted the maintainer of bind9 in order to preseed the 
values in /etc/default/bind9. Since now I've no answer but I hope that 
he'll help us to fix our bug and to enabled preseeding there.
If he would apply such a patch I would write this patch.

Furthermore I've a question to a bugreport Pere worked some time ago on:
Pere: You had a discussion with Peter Eisentraut about ntp and there was a 
suggestion who to do this without manipulating the configuration file.. Do 
you worked on this? If not, would you do? :)


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