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Re: BTS on tjener?

El jue, 17-01-2008 a las 15:12 +0100, RalfGesellensetter escribió:
> Dear list,
> for quite a while, I plan to set up a feedback system for members of our 
> school to collect local issues. 
> First idea was a wiki, but my impression is, that most teachers find it 
> as hard to use as me getting it installed :>
> I also started a Moodle project, but there was hardly any response.
> Now I consider the use of a bugzilla system, at least to be used by the 
> technical core team. This would help us track open tasks, dates of 1st 
> occurance/solution, response times and so on.
> Therefor I ask you all if there is similar approaches at other schools; 
> if so: what experiences are there?

I strongly recommend you use mantis
(http://packages.debian.org/lenny/mantis ) . We have not used it in a
school, but to get feedback from teachers for some projects (as our
Squeak customizations or even as the LinEx bts) and it's very flexible
and easy of use for the teachers. And you have translations for most
languages. Bugzilla is usually only in english and pretty cryptical for
not geek users.

> Last issue: running a tjener 2.0, I ever failed to set up the mail 
> server to work globally, until now. Reading some manuals on exim and 
> debian makes me shrug. So, is there any howto - or could we just add a 
> script like "debian-edu-mailserver-ctl work-global".

I can not help you with the tjener 2.0 but configuring exim to work it's
pretty trivial, main problems can come from the fact that many mail
servers require a right mx dns record for your domain or will reject the
mails coming from your school users. 

José L.

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