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Re: Netboot install of Debian-edu


On Wednesday 02 January 2008 11:50, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> I've documented[1] how to do the installation, with a preseed file that
> helps you select the needed udeb's for a debian-edu install, and I've
> tried to document why I needed to build a new installer and a
> repository/mirror.
> I tried to document how I build my repository[2], and how to rebuild the
> installer[3], to allow the use of the custom repository.

Cool, thanks.

> I've only set this up for stable relase for now, but I also plan to set
> it up for the next release based on lenny, Not sure which mirror to use
> though, sid, lenny, lenny-test or ?

Currently only lenny-test I'd say, but as we get closer to the release, we'll 
want lenny too. 

> Maybe the netboot install repository should be set up on one of the
> official debian-edu-machines instead of one of the BzzWare-machines.
> Maybe it should be a subject for the next irc-meeting ?

I've just added it to the agenda :-)

Maybe it's good (and possible?) to have the lenny repo(s) on bzzware machines, 
so we can save some ressources on our machines? As for the documentation, I 
propose to split it into pages for lenny and for etch - to minimize 
confusion. The pages about etch should/could then be moved into the manual 
(the wiki which becomes the content of the debian-edu-doc package), which btw 
also needs to be copied over to a lenny version at some point :-)


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