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Developer gatherings in Norway 2008

Hi all,

and happy new year to all of you!

We have started planning the developer gatherings in Norway for 2008,
and in addition to the one in Narvik [1] early February we hope to
arrange gatherings the following months:

 o March
   As we have the easter in the middle of March, maybe 28th-30th of
   March or 4th-6th of April are the best weekends?

 o June
   GUADEC 2008 is arranged 7th-12th of July, so maybe 20th-22nd and
   27th-29th of June are the best weekends?

 o August
   DebConf8 is arranged 10th-16th of August (and we hope as many of
   you as possible will join DebConf!), so maybe 29th-31st of August
   and 5th-7th of September are the best weekends?

 o October
   I'm not aware of anything special in October, but in Norway we
   normally have an autumn vacation during October, don't we?

If you have any preferred weekends any of these months, or know about
other interesting happenings that we should take into consideration
when planning the gatherings, please reply to this email.

We hope to arrange one of these gatherings outside Norway. Suggestions
for location and other stuff regarding any of gatherings are more than
welcome! :)

See you in Narvik? :)

- Werner

[1] http://friprogramvareiskolen.no/Gathering/2008-02-Narvik

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