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Ramp On [Re: Developer gatherings in Norway 2008]

Torsdag 3. januar 2008, skrev Morten Werner Forsbring:
> o June
>    GUADEC 2008 is arranged 7th-12th of July, so maybe 20th-22nd and
>    27th-29th of June are the best weekends?

Is it possible to add an International so called "Ramp On" 
gathering/conference to the dev.gathering schedule, in mid June 2008. 

This "ramp on" thing aims at users of Skolelinux and school leadres who 
considers or are helping schools on using free software. This event was 
suggested in the "Prosjektsøknad for videreutvikling av Skolelinux"[1] 
that got approved by The ministry of reform when supporting money to 
further development of Skolelinux. Se point 6 on project activeties and 
the proposed budget. 


The plan is to do a user survey where Lars Risan are interviewing end 
users and teachers in April/May, and presents this experiences on 
the "Ramp On" conference in mid June at Agder University. (Agder 
University organised GUADEC 2004). Contributors to the Extremaduras 
GNU/LinEx, French Skolelinux effort, Germany Skolelinux, Indiana (US) 
and other contributors to free software are invited to this conference 
too as a part of the Debian Edu family. The focus will be how to get 
started whit Skolelinux/Debian Edu both in schools and as contributors. 

So the "Ramp On" thing will consit on a "get started" tracks for users 
and potential users of Debian Edu, and a collaborative developer 
gathering with friends from Europe and some other continents in the 
manner as Extremedura has hosted for Debian Edu dev.gatherings last 
couple of years. 

As I see it this is a sort of "pay back" known as Quid pro quo[1]  
(something for something) for the effort Extremadura has put into 
Debian last couple of years. 

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quid_pro_quo

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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