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Re: please reply and contribute to the 3.0r1 PR


On Tuesday 27 November 2007 14:38, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> two questions:
> 1. how about pictures within the PR? I think of our macscot, james'
> cover, and photographs of student's in action (as for the latter I
> still search an apt name space).

Please add those pictures! (Maybe not include all of them, just provide them 
as links..)

> > Spain: José "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez
> > France: Thierry Stauder
> > Pakistan: Tariq Farooqi
> (^very nice^)
> 2. How about adding more countries? Are those people ready for being
> listed: Nigel@Japan, Gavin@Ireland, Lior@Israel, Praveen@India,
> Valerio@Italy ... But then we probably need translated web presences
> for listed languages.

Ähm, www.skolelinux.org is neither translated to German, nor Spanish, nor 
French, nor Urdu (or any of the 299 other languages spoken in Pakistan :)

Also, I dont think we should list "anybody" just to extend the list of 
countries. If there is a local team, I'm absolutly in favor of listing them. 
I've waved to several countries/people in my mail..) but I don't think it's 
useful to list people that are inactive or that are unknown to the community 
and who don't know the community and the distribution.

Thats why I asked for replies. 


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