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please reply and contribute to the 3.0r1 PR


during yesterdays debian-edu IRC meeting (summary available at 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2007/11/msg00293.html) we decided, that we 
plan to release 'Debian Edu / Skolelinux "Terra" 3.0r1' this friday (in three 
days), if the testing until thursday doesn't reveal major blockers.

Therefore, we are preparing a press release at 
which lists the following people (cc:ed) as local contacts:

Norway: Anders Kringstad, Knut Yrvin 
Germany: Kurt Gramlich 
Spain: José "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez 
France: Thierry Stauder 
Pakistan: Tariq Farooqi 

In the meeting yesterday we decided to ping you and ask for a reply, if you 
are still the local contact. You should also read that press release (and the 
linked releasenotes), to be able to respond to press inquireries.

If we dont hear back from you, we will conclude that you are not suitable as a 
press contact and ask the local team for a new contact. Please reply.

Also, please try to contribute to the press release, it still needs some 

Last, but not least: if you think you could be a press contact in a region not 
listed above, please also reply. /me waves to australia, israel, the 
netherlands, japan, italy, sweden, finnland, danmark ... :-)


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